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    I have stuck with my VZW Pre 2 for a long time....mostly because of the unlimited data and just the enjoyment I get from using the OS. This week I am traveling and rented a car with Bluetooth Audio (my car at home does not offer this). What a great way to listen to my favorite radio stations streaming from my Pre 2. THen I had to use GPS (VZ NAV) and launced that. Multitasking was flawless, the audio softened as my GPS told me the turn by turn directions, and everything just worked.

    I know VZ Cripples the GPS (thus I had to get VZNAV), the screen is not up to modern standards (but does it really matter on a 3" screen) and it could use a bit more power...

    But I get unlimited data, it multitasks with ease, it is easy to use, it was way ahead of it's time, I got to build a Frankenpre from a GSM pre 2 (just because I could), and it is highly pocketable.

    It's not often you can still find a lot to enjoy about a 2 year old piece of tech.
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    I agree the Pre2 is a workhorse that handles vacations well

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    I was using my ipod touch last night, and found it quite frustrating... I had to close an app in order to start another??? how old-fashioned...
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    It's nice to see some love for our beloved little devices. I'm back on a Pre2 after a torrid affair with Windows 7 and I'm so happy to be back. Granted, webOS is still lacking with some apps but my main reason for coming back is my ability to tether my laptop with Bluetooth via freeTether. Everybody says it's such a pain but it was as simple and straightforward as if I was doing it with an old Windows Mobile phone. Anyway, my wife never deserted her Pre2 and that should be a lesson to all the fellas, Momma is always right - even when she's wrong. No wait, she's never wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtiberio View Post
    I was using my ipod touch last night, and found it quite frustrating... I had to close an app in order to start another??? how old-fashioned...
    Same frustration that I run on my iPod Touch (gen 4th), like the hardware(built-quality) and its software with apps that runs fluently without any hiccups at all. However, the way that Apple continues to built those devices with a physical home button(that needed to be press to multitask and switch apps), its just something unintuitive specially for this kind of smartphones.

    I still like my palm pre 2, just angers me that no further updates for our legacy devices. And plus, I really wanted a Palm Pre 3 that was gonna be my next phone upgrade Yet, still love my old Pre 2 phone with my unlimited data plan.
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    I highly agree! I have a FrankenPre2 and the only reason I'm not using it is because I didn't have access to a computer to get everything working properly, software-wise. I love everything webOS, and I still use the phone just to mess around on it.

    I currently use an HTC Evo Shift 4G, its nice don't get me wrong, but not webOS nice!

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