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    On my pre2 running 2.1.0, I cannot get a fully functioning linux command line terminal on the handset. Xecutah just flashes a black screen briefly, and then does nothing. wTerm starts, and I can enter command, but I cannot enter a slash "/", which makes a lot of stuff in unix tough.

    Am I the only one? Is it a patch I have or something?

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    oops, solved my own problem with wTerm. I had "set -o vi" in my .profile. when I removed it, I got full special character capabilities.

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    Hi Mtiberio, could you be more detailed about how you fix the problem. I have the same issue and have no idea how to fix it. Thanks.

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    I keep a .profile in / and in /home/root
    They are identical, and look like this:
    echo Running .profile
    PS1=' > '
    alias a=alias
    a l="ls -l"
    a la="ls -la"
    a mi='cd /media/internal'
    a v=vi
    cd $HOME

    I used to have a line in there that said:
    set -o vi
    which allows command line editing in bash. It messed up the keystroke interpreter. I removed it and I was fine, I could type / without it coming out as q.

    I also go into wTerms preferences, and click the misc tab, and change default exec command to "login -f root". This way I am always root when I login...

    The reason I put the identical .profile in / and /home/root so depending on how I get to a command line window (wterm, xecutah, terminal, novaterm, quick install), the behavior is the same: I'm root, and I'm in /home/root after .profile runs.

    hope this helps

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