I been using the franken pre 2 on sprint since april and i love it. WebOS is the best. I love all the special tweaks u can do on this phone But in the last 2 weeks my phone been acting up , battery been only lasting about 4 hours(extended battery), power button stop working , volume be acting screwy when in vibrate mode,and i could nvr get some pages to load from facebook which actually worked on pre- and some facebook notifications come while others don't. problem is i know the simple solution would be to redoctor the phone , but if the problem is hardware then i would just buy a new PRE 2 which means i would have to do it anyway.

I DO NOT REALLY WANT TO UPGRADE TO A NEW PHONE UNLESS I CAN GET webOS on it. therefore i stuck with pre 2, cannot go back to pre - because i got use to using skype to talk to family in the Caribbean

Here are my concerns.
1. hate having to redo every personal tweak for my contacts. (wish there was an app or someway to keep all contact synced with the specific ringtone their are attached to right now)
2. web browser is always resizing itself so i not really gettn the real use of my UNLIMITED DATA on Sprint.
3. save/restore dont really seem to make it easy on apps (only used it when moving from pre- to pre2)