I am currently the proud owner of a previously activated Frankenpre that I bought off ebay. The handset works however since I am reactivating it after it has been previously owned I need to swap the comm boards again to make it my own. I own a Pre minus which I'm currently using so I have a comm board to put into the Pre2. Basically I just want to find someone experienced with swapping boards and doctoring Frankenpres. I don't think I'm qualified in any way to do it myself. The closest thing I've done to this is tear apart an old ibook and installed some new components in it and resembled it. If I could mail my Pre minus and Frankenpre to someone and have them do all the dirty work and mail it back to me I'd appreciate it endlessly. I would cover shipping charges to and from. We could also discuss what kind of payment the assembler and programmer would want. I'm fairly poor so I can't do anything expensive. I was hoping that a fellow Webos lover could help me out.

Thank you in advance and please let me know if you have questions.