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    I have a Pre2 (HPWEB OS 2.2.4 UK unlocked) and last week it started a weird problem. When I try to call a saved contact my phone does nothing, if I try to call dialing in the touch screen it just goes back to the message Enter name or number ... but when I call using the numbers in the querty keybord it works.

    What I've tried:

    1. Erase Apps and Data
    2. Full Erase
    3. Uninstalled all apps manualy
    4. Secure Full erase
    5. Doctor

    I found this post similar to my problem but I don't have Preware instaled and don't even know how to put a patch.

    I need help, what should I do?
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    I have the exactly same problem, has this issue been resolved until now?
    It looks to me as if it were related to the webOS Account (?)
    Hoping for an answer...
    Powersoft (HP Pre3)
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    doctor to 2.1

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