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    Well, after spending lots of money of various Bluetooth earpieces, including a BlueAnt V1x, a Jawbone Icon, a couple of Samsungs, and others, I'm quite tired of having so much trouble using them to make calls.

    The BlueAnt was perfect until 2.2.4. The internal voice control would control the phone, and connect ot it without a single issue. Then 2.2.4 and I can't even use it at all.

    I dusted my older models (samsung) and while they worked better, they still had trouble connecting, and the phone's voice command barely worked, sound quality both in and out was pretty lame.

    So I got a Jawbone Icon, and the voice (in and out) is quite better, but I still find myself that the connection to the phone dies or is non existent (but according to both the phone and headset, they are connected), so trying to use the voice dialing, can get very frustrating. Must times I turn the headset off and back on or turn the BT on the phone off and back on, and once it does connect correctly, it will work fine.

    But whatever they did with 2.24, seriously broken BT usability.

    Anyone with any recommendations?

    P.S. I did revert my phone to 2.1 and BT worked fine, so I have confirmed that this is were the problem is, not the phone or the headsets, but I did let the phone return to 2.2.4 as aside this, there is a lot of other things that 2.2.4 fixes/makes better.
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    I can confirm that the Pre 2 bluetooth is sometimes problematic.

    I had the Pre 2 paired with a Panasonic Link-To-Cell phone system which worked okay but the sound quality was not very good. I just upgraded to a Pre 3 and the bluetooth sound quality is much, much better and way more stable. If I didn't manually disconnect before leaving the house, the Pre 2 would lockup and I would need to do a battery pull to restart.

    I also use a wep-870 bt headset with a stereo adapter. The connection was always fine but I had to keep my phone on the same side of my body as the ear-piece. On the Pre 3, the bt earpiece connection is more robust at a greater distance.

    FWIW 2.2.4 seems to be a better fit for the Pre 3 than the Pre 2. But I agree that overall it was worth it to have the Pre 2 running 2.2.4

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