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    Ok so I figured that since the Pre 2 had more Ram and a faster processor I wouldn't have to worry about the TMC error, well it came up a few times. So I installed uberkernell and things were fine for a week or so, then I get another TMC error. So now I have enabled Compcache and set it at 48mb. So far no problems since, but I was under the impression Pre 2 users shouldn't have to worry about setting this. I don't run multiple apps at once and I only get the error after the phone has been asleep for awhile, no apps are running, I will pick it up to check email or send a text and the TMC error pops up when I have no cards open at all. What GIves???
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    A couple patches to try which I believe will help...

    Disk Cache Mod
    System Control Optimization

    These should help Pre 2 manage RAM


    EOM Overlord
    Remove Dropped Packet Logging

    To keep the system from clogging itself
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    Ok thanks for these suggestions. I will try these and see if that improves things.
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    I am guessing you have services running in the background. I very rarely have seen TMC on Pre2's.

    Either you got an app that is leaving something running or you have apps that are using background services correctly but causing a memory use issue.
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    Well I don't know which apps it could be. I have jstop installed and frequently I check to see whats running and its always the default stuff, like email, phone, messaging, calendar, launcher, camera, system. I do notice that the phone seems to be running in three entries, don't know why or if that's normal
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    You can enable JStop's auto-garbage clean function (and disable the alerts too)

    Honestly, I only encountered a TMC error when I:
    1. Loaded almost every app on the phone
    2. Loaded 3-4 3D games
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    I enabled auto-garbage in jstop, someone else had mentioned that webos does this on its own so that is why I never enabled it. I am still concerned about the phone app running in three different entries, is it supposed to do that?
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    One of my all time favorite apps for the Pre on 1.4.5 is Weather Icon. Unfortunately, it does not work well on my Pre2 with 2.x -- it gave me TMC's. Do you that installed?
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    I have weather dashboard installed. Before that nothing, it has always been an occasional issue. With the new patches installed everything seems ok.
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