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    Hi folks,

    I am hoping someone here can help me with a couple of recent issues which are driving me crazy and appear to have started soon after my phone began randomly (no similarity in company name, contact name or geographic location) linking my contacts in groups of 20+

    Once I have manually unlinked all contacts I find several have 2,3 or more identical profiles which I then either delete or leave linked to the main profile. I am reluctant to delete the duplicates incase I lose the main contact record.

    Furthermore, I am now experiencing issues when trying to send SMS or MMS messages to profiles which have been linked and unlinked. Living in central Europe many of my business contacts have international codes I have tried to change the number format from (for example) +41 0xxx to +41 (xxx)xxxxx to 0041 xxx etc but there seems to be no direct relationship between the phone number format - with/without "+" or "()" or the first "0" after the international code.

    If anyone has any advice it will be very gratefully received because as much as I love my phone it is supposed to make my working life easier and not force me to continually review and edit my contacts.

    My last resort will be to reset the whole device and hope that will correct these issues but I worry I will lose many of the business contact information which is stored on the phone and perhaps not the SIM.

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    You might try making sure your phone number format is set to "other" in regional settings. If you have it set to one country it tries to group the numbers accordingly.
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    Thanks Frantid. I was unaware of this setting and fingers crossed it will work.


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