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    Need some help with my FrankenPre. I converted a Verizon Pre 2 last year and haven't had any problems with it until the screen cracked on it a couple of months ago. Purchased another Verizon Pre 2 that was slightly used and just now found the time to switch the comm boards out.

    I got the hardware switched out and ran the metadoctor and everything seemed to run fine until I tried to log into my account on the new device. I get to the log in screen, but after I enter my info I get an error stating that the sign in failed because I am not connected to my service provider.

    I switched the comm board back to the old phone and it started right up and is working fine. Just wondering if the issue could be the from the meta-doctor or if it is a hardware issue with the new phone.

    Any help would be great.
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    First thing I'd check is whether your new pre2 "donor" body is from a different type of phone than your old one (ie- verizon vs ATT vs unlocked gsm). If so you would need to rebuild a different doctor. If not, next thought would be to try reassembling the frankenpre2 again and pay extra attention to the comm board connections this time around. The ribbon connectors can sometimes come just a little loose while assembling. here you may not notice it.
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