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    Hi All,

    I think this question might have come before, but I would like to know does Pre2 CDMA version supports SIM Card.
    Also can I unlock it using Dogberts utility and use it with another carrier.
    Has anyone tried it with Tata Indicom in India and can someone guide me for the same.

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    There are two versions of the Pre2, (unlocked GSM) and Verizon CDMA.

    The GSM will use SIM cards and works on UMTS bandwidths, the CDMA version only works on Verizon.

    One can swap comm boards to make the Pre2 join other networks

    Sprint, Bell, AT&T, etc... Pre/PrePlus comm boards for instance...
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    Looks to me like Tata is branded out several ways... The Indicom brand does have CDMA and it looks to be on the 800 MHz band.

    That would give EDGE (2.5G) service on a CDMA Pre 2 and it looks like that is the only speed Indicom offers.

    I'd call customer support or stop by a store and make sure they will add a device to their CDMA network if you don't buy it from them. CDMA isn't really an unlock thing like GSM. In the case of CDMA all authentication has to come from the network side.
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    Thanks for all your answers

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