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    With Wi-fi enabled, the battery drains about 10% a hour just sitting idle. Wi-Fi signal is strong. I always thought the wi-fi was suppose to be fairly easy on the battery. My old Pre+ does not exhibit this behavior. Is this a known problem (is so, is there a software fix) or is my phone defective? I am running 2.1.0 on Verizon network. Thanks!
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    That doesn't sound good.

    My unlocked Pre2 has been in my pocket since about 9am, and I'm at 86% (it's also 1pm). This is from driving to work (WIFI at home and WIFI at the office) with less than 1/2 hour for the travel time.

    I've had some days that the WIFI appears to be problematic and it does run my battery down a lot faster.

    Main variants that will affect your battery are:

    1) screen brightness, turn it as low as you can that's still comfortable for you.

    2) email updating, set it to manual or for longer periods (every 10-30 minutes or longer, I've just set mine for 1 hour for all my accounts)

    3) don't have GPS running all the time, or any other apps that needs to check itself online on a constant basis.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I already have those tips covered. Battery is fine as long as Wi-Fi is disabled.
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    Try running this:

    It will help analyze what's running and you may find a memory leak...

    Check Govnah and make sure your CPU isn't getting pegged at a high rate. (Does your phone run hot?)

    That's all I got at the moment.
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    I had the same problem. I took out all patches except "Big Yellow Numbers'. This seems to have solved the issue. None of the other patches were too important to me.
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    Actually, ignore that last post because the battery drain is still going on!

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