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    Good morning all,

    I have a Pre 2 on Sprint that is a FrankenPre 2 that I converted. It was a Pre combined with an unlocked GSM model Pre 2.

    Has worked great, but I recently cracked the screen. It is a single crack going across the screen, but everything still works.

    So my question are - is replacement glass available, are services available to replace the glass or do I purchase another Pre 2 and do the work myself?

    If purchasing another Pre 2 does it matter which to buy - Verizon or GSM?

    Any tips would be appreciated like replace digitizer and glass as one, etc?

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    I have FrankenPre2 and broken glass.

    Does anyone know if its possible to replace the glass?

    I actually have another donor phone for glass but not sure if its even
    possible to replace just the glass.
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    I already posted about replacing the glass in this forum.:

    But to answer your question about whether it matters if the Pre2 is a different model, no it does not. Pre parts are very interchangeable. I once used the ribbon cable from an Pre on my Pre2 until I got a replacement phone in the mail. The only thing was the camera didn't work. So in short, yes you can use any Pre2 screen for your FrankenPre repair.

    ktroendle: you can replace just the touchscreen but the adhesive between the display and touch screen is very strong and your likely to crack the display. I would suggest swapping out the display and touchscreen as a single part if possible. Otherwise use a good heat gun and go very slowly.

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