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    Will the pre2 own browser how to access local files, because I want to with their own browser to access the local. Swf file.confused:
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    I want the same thing, and while a Touchpad patch does exist to allow you to open html files on your internal media, I do not believe such a patch exists for the Pre2
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    oh, I noticed you said SWF file that is shockwave, right? I wouldn't hold out much hope...
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    SWF is still the extension for adobe flash files.
    I wouldn't hold out much for a different reason.
    its just one of webOS's shortcomings
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    In fact, I mainly want to open a local file with their own browser, but the encounter prompted the local file can not be displayed.:O
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    I find that Picsel Smart Office is an excellent software to browse the folders.

    I can check my folders, even copy things over to my DropBox with it.

    It'll open PDFs, documents (.doc) and images, but not flash.

    If you know the path, you might be able to open it via the browser (?).
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    Install Internalz Pro from the Preware feed. Use it to navigate to all / any files on the device. Long hold on a file name and choose the Open options from the Pop Up. If there is a default handler for a file type on your device Internalz will use that default to open the file...

    Are you trying to open HTML files with the browser?
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    Good morning!Southwest Missouri # 7 friends, I really want to open the html file in my browser.
    Mainly encountered in the plight of the local file can not be can not be displayed (enter the browser file :/ / / / media / internal / ...)
    . swf file is the webos unable to open? ?
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    I'm not sure yet...

    What does the file do?

    Is it a Flash Video?

    Or do you want to look at the file contents (code)?

    You could use webOS Quick Install to pull the file onto your computer if you just want to see the code and have a program to open it.
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    Flash and local html...
    There's an app for that, and there's an app for that. But they're not the same app...and it's gonna cost you.
    Universe Web Browser will view local files. Its $2.99 in the catalog. I like it mainly for its extensive bookmark support (folders, Google backup, etc.). The one Flash support!
    Flash Viewer will do as its name implies (though I don't know how well since I've never used it). It's $5.99 in the catalog.

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