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    Flashed my new (amazon $80) Pre2 to 2.2.4, and then decided to go back to 2.1.0. During the process of doctoring to 2.1.0, the doctor hung, and the end result is I had a corrupted modem. I could get the phone to boot with a --wifi-only image, but it did not recognize its modem... 8^((

    webvos-internals to the rescue. following the instructions on the modemFW_flash page, I was able to reflash the modem, and then use a standard doctor to restore the phone to 2.1.0...

    because of this, I donated $20 to webos-internals... thanks guys...
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    It's so very nice to hear an "I helped myself with the resources around here" post.

    Now expect that you just became the expert on this particular problem.

    Replies and PMs are sure to come your way asking for help.
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    been in software biz since 1979, started programming in 1969. actually do a fair amount of work in embedded linux systems processing radar and sonar data. sort of like the cobbler who's children have no shoes. I am fully capable of writing webos apps, just too lazy once I get home from work... The instructions on webos-internals I used as a general guide, they mention "castlecdmafw.tar" and I assume they were written for an earlier phone, the 2.1.0 doctor I was using had roadrunnercdmafw.tar. I rolled the dice since my phone was a brick anyway, and used that, and it worked...

    certainly if your doctor gets real slow in the 52% to 60% area, and complains about modem or modemdiag. And if once it boots, it is stuck in activation with the carrier offline, then you want to pursue this solution.
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    Now trying to doctor back to 2.0.1 and then use verizon to update to 2.1.0
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    I just wanted to raise this thread from the dead to say thanks. It was this OP that provided the key to fix my Pre 2 flashing woes.
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    Always nice to hear the community shared information is helping maintain webOS functionality a little longer! I know I'm glad to still be on board
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    I tried the fix too. No worky for me. Bummer. One NA modem to throw away. *cries
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