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    If anyone has a suggestion, I'd be grateful. I got a VZ Pre2 on the recent Daily Steals deal. I got it set up fine, but when it started the app restore, it missed nearly 100 of my apps. I found just over half of them by hand, but the other 40 are not in the catalog at all-- despite the developers I contacted assuring me they've not been pulled.

    Here's a few (can someone on a Pre2 search for these and let me know if you see them):

    Everlands by Hexage
    EVAC by Hexage
    Transformers G1 by Glu
    Mini Golf: Wacky Worlds by Glu
    Giant Fighting Robots by *don't recall*
    ExZeus by Hyperdevbox

    I've also contacted HP support, and they tell me the issue is on the developer side.

    I'm running 2.1 on this Pre2, though at first it was 2.0.1.

    Of note, I was running metadoctor 2.1 on my Pre+ and all these apps were on that device without issue.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    if your sure their still the app cat, install apptuckerbox from preware and it can install your apps as it ignores what device your on (if you tell it to in preware prefs)

    just remember after installing apptucker to add the palm/cat feeds in preware and ignore device and your apps should list in a search.
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    yes i also can't see any of those (exept everlands lite) in my Pre2 App Cat. But looking into Preware with apptuckerbox all your apps are there and also all of them assigned to Pre2. So if you bought them before, you should be able to download them.

    Sad that the catalog does not display all apps that are available. But who's to contact as HP does not care anymore, perhaps the developers should fakeupdate their apps to reappear in the catalog (they are all last updated 2010)?

    btw. giant fighting Robots is by Laminar Research.
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    well i found a difference as the webpage of everlands lite says for Pre2:

    the one for Everlands Paid, says just Pre:

    Same with Transformers, so it seems the developers really have to update their catalog entries to sell this stuff to Pre2 owners.

    But don't know why Preware with apptuckerbox shows Pre2 on the full version.
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    You could probably tar together your app directory and transfer it to your Pre2. Tar /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm. Don't include any homebrew stuff as they won't be installed properly. Also don't include the pre-installed app. This way you'll get the apps and a bunch of app data that may otherwise be unavailable.
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    Thanks for the App Tuckerbox idea. I've got it running and registered and I've got the feeds in preware. I see the app catalog feed update, but nothing shows up in my list after that. I checked the settings and they seem right. I'll probably have to check with WebOS Internals and App Tuckerbox to see what I'm doing wrong.

    Thanks! This sounds like it'll be the solution I need once I get it working.

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    well perhaps you really could get the developes to check if their app run on pre2 and mark them as compatible in App Cat
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    Don't know about getting devs to update settings-- most support teams were clueless about webos. I even got funneled to android support because they'd forgotten they had webos apps.

    But I did get most apps back with preware/tuckerbox. My issue was fixed with a reinstall of preware and not restoring through Save/Restore-- the old backup was the issue. Thanks for all the help!

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