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    I am kind of a dummy as it relates to Linux, so I probably did mess something up that has yet to rear its ugly head. However, my phone and texts work so that is good!

    I couldn't do the bezel and comm board swap because my power rocker was broke, so now, looking in hindsight, wouldn't it have been easy for me (a complete novice with Linux and generally clueless computer guy) to have just run the Verizon 2.1 deal and do sprint ipk's rather than doing the big daddy meta doctor?

    I could have just stayed in windows and developer mode with the old school (loading the Verizon 2.1 way) right?

    I mean, i had the hardest time getting even java to install correctly through Ubuntu that I don't think I can really go back into the Linux terminal and tweak anything that didn't come through correctly.

    Just thinking about issues going forward and what is probably easiest for a person with the limited skills that I have.
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