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    I am simply trying to download ubuntu and when the instructions for setting up the meta-doctor say "Don't boot your machine with the CD (Live CD)..." CLICK ON INSTALL INSIDE WINDOWS, I don't have that options.

    This is what I am seeing...

    (screen shot not working)

    "Reboot Required...
    To start the Live CD, you need to reboot your machine leaving the CD in the tray. If your machine cannot boot from the CD, the last option should
    - Reboot Now
    - I want to manually reboot later
    - Help me boot from CD."

    I just did "I want to manually reboot later" and nothing was installed
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    Also, I guess I could have missed something on the hardware swap. In slide 15 (Sprint Pre 2 - WebOS Internals), it says go to recovery mode and the start the Dr. Is that referencing the webOS Dr. or the Meta Dr.?

    That may sound like a stupid question, but it has me confused. I have no ran the WebOS Dr. because I thought it referenced the metaDr. and I am still trying to get that installed. Guess I will try WebOS Dr. though.
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    Yeah - WebOS doctor doesn't recognize the new device, so it must reference the metaDr, right?
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    Post a link to the instructions you are following.
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    I am on a Windows 32 bit machine
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    I did notice that is version 12.04 now, and not 11.04 as the wiki indicates.
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    Update - I am to step 3 and currently downloading 2.2.4. We'll see how she comes out here shortly I think.

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