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    Hello -

    Have been on here for a long time, just not a poster obviously.

    I just got one of the cheap Verizon pre 2's off amazon. Will get on Friday.

    I am currently using a sprint pre- that now has a busted power button (at best its that problem where it doesn't click anymore).

    I have watched the videos and followed rod's pictorial. However, I think I trust somebody else more than me.

    I am in Iowa. Anybody still doing frankenpre services (for a fee of course) still? Anyone close to Iowa? Des Moines specifically.


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    I felt I needed to reply, maybe because or names are the same?

    The procedure is not that hard, can seem like it but the biggest thing is patients...

    Make a video or document what you are doing, if you get stuck, post the video or documents.

    I have done a lot of these (PrePlus and Pre2) for people on Sprint. I am not in Iowa so can't help there.
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    Thanks for the encouragement John. You are right, the hardware swap out is super easy. I actually had to go back and swap back into my pre - because I forgot to save my contacts outside of my profile. I have the swap out down to about a 2 minute process right now.

    However, I am just starting the software stuff. And that sir, is intimidating. Just going to take it real slow

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