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    I went online to purchase a extended battery life for my Palm Pre 2 which the entire phone it has a terrible battery life. The included battery inside the Palm Pre 2 is just way too small(capacity) and despite managing its battery life with minimum ways to not browse the web(too much), and many other things the battery doesn't hold up. Anyways, I purchased the Mugen battery pack and it was delivered to today only to find out that it doesn't fit my phone. I compared the battery side by side of my device, while being the same height it turns out not so much on the width(thickness). Did I purchased the wrong battery from Mugen 1400 mAh or Mugen is lying when saying that it fits the Palm Pre devices ?
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    My Mugen was a tight fit in my Pre 2, but it did fit. It is marked right on the label: for Pre and it goes in label side out...

    I hope you did get the correct battery.
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    Have the extended Mugen batteries for the Pre2 and the Pre3, both fit without problems. But if you have some trouble, just contact Mugen, customer service is pretty helpful with them.

    For battery life, take a look on the Mode switcher, and check the forum for tips. For me, IMAP and always on data connections are the main killer. With MS and Mugen, I managed to double my battery life.
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    I would like to appreciate your responses to my questions, RumorNow & Chris42. You both were helpful and after several attempts at trying to make the battery fit into my Palm Pre 2(ultimately just decided to give up and contact them). I went directly through the customer service, and during the next business day got a response from Mugen - They responded with courtesy claiming that they will replace my battery without any charge at all. I have to say, it's weird that the battery didn't fit properly into the socket of the back of my phone.....When I tried it on my broken Palm Pixi Plus it fit correctly without any efforts out of my part, but on Palm Pre 2 was a different story. Could it be that the battery fit of the Palm Pre 2 to be different than the older devices from Palm ?

    I have to wait a few more days or maybe even weeks to get another battery pack . I was excited that my Mugen gotten to me by mail only to discover that the battery doesn't fit my device. At least Mugen claim responsibility and decided to get me another battery.
    Owner of an HP TouchPad (32GB) and a brand new Palm Pre 3 (16GB) for VZ wireless.
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    Nope Pre2 is physically the same as the Pre battery.

    Different folks have reported different fits on various aftermarket batteries. Many folks and I believe even the Mugen instructions said the Pre3 is a tight fit, I had no problem with mine.
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