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    For anyone who missed the Daily Steals Deal on the Pre2 a couple of days ago, it looks like their sister site has the same Verizon Pre2 phone for sale at $79.99 with free shipping.

    I think this makes it about $5 more than the daily steals, as theirs was $69.99 + shipping of about $5.

    Still not a bad price for a Pre2
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    Also can be found for the same price on EBay from seller dailysteals. The picis a Sprint Pre- of course, but all the verbage is for the Verizon Pre 2 (says Gorilla Glass, so must be the Pre 2 - or if really lucky, Pre 3 (yah right))

    New Palm Pre 2 Verizon WebOS 2.0 16GB Slide Touchscreen Smartphone - No Contract | eBay

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    Thanks for posting - may get one.

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