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    Early this week I ordered a Pre 2 on the Daily Steals sale. I'd love to FrankenPre 2 it but haven't got that ability right now. At one time, there were some guys in the community that did that for $$$? Any of them still out there?I've got the donor Pre and expect the Pre 2 in a week, or two.
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    Im willing to pay for someone to help me or just perform the "FrankenPre" service as the more i read the forums the more uncomfortable it seems to Perform this on my launch day Sprint Pre- . I have backed up only directly to the profile of Palm/HP and not anywhere else but seems like some suggest backing up online? I just dont need to lose contacts and current calendar settings so unless someone has done this with there launch day device and not a spare , then I am asking for anyone in the houston area to assist or perform the service for me. I will gladly pay for the service
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    Search for webOS world services in app catalog. They will do it for a fee
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    was wanting to do it locally so i can learn a lil more on the breakdown . I have seen a few go to Withby's services and were all happy. i Think i have a spare Pre- layin around i can send then i can load my profile from there instead of trying to just swap the board from my active pre-
    thanks for the reply!

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