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    I have an unlocked Pre 2. It's been great till the last month or so. It just locks up for no apparent reason. Laucher opens up, but no aps will open. Can't even push and hold power button to restart. I have to remove the battery. No aps need to be open either. I'll go to sleep with no aps open and wake up to a phone that's locked. I thought it was the alarm clock, so I disabled that and it still locks up.
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    Have you tried a secure erase or Dr. It back to factory settings? Do you have any patches installed? Are you overclocked? Just a little more details before any assistance can be of use.
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    i'd like to wake this up so someone can answer a specific version of this issue. my pre2 recently decided to give itself an upgrade to 2.2.4. it's sluggish. slow text to show, white screen before the card animates, really sluggish.

    one interesting thing i noted is after the OTA update, govnah and preware were still there. govnah profiles only listed one now though: palm default. ha.

    so, QUESTION IS IF I just doctor it right now, using the HP site's suggested DR which is the VERIZON dr, BUT i'm using it franken'd onto SPRINT, will this harm my Sprint phone and data settings?

    or is there a preferred doctor specifically for the vzn pre2 on sprint, hopefully with favorable carrier tweaks for sprint?


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