I find that when I make a call with my pre 2, and hold the phone next to my ear, I hear beeps indicating that numbers have been selected (apparently because of my ear), the call sometimes disconnects, and mysteriously, multiple cards will have been selected while the call is underway (For example, if I'm talking to "Joe" I will frequently find the contact card for Joe, along with the phone screen, when I never summoned the card or (apparently) selected it in any way. Relatedly, when I use my jog stats program, I'm always careful to wait for teh screen to go dark (I have it set for 30 seconds) before I put it in my pocket and yet, sometimes, although not always, I'll find when I finished with my run that the program was stopped, or, again, multiple cards were selected for no apparent reason. One I frequently get is the palm tutorial (maybe the phone is trying to tell me something).

I used to be able to bypass this behavior by simply making sure that the call was underway but now that doesn't seem to prevent the phone from disconnecting etc when placed next to the ear.


One other problem has popped up as well; when I make a call, the speaker phone icon used to be on the left hand side when the call began; now I have something called "audio" instead of the speaker phone icon. this is probably operator error, but I haven't been able to figure out how to put the icon back.