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    Hi all,

    last night my Pre2 was fully charged via USB cable plugged into my computer. I unplugged the USB end from the computer and went to bed, however left the cable attached to the phone. This is the original cable provided by HP/Palm.

    When I woke up this morning, the battery was completely drained (about 7 hours). On a normal day, I get typical battery life throughout the day with regular use. I am also certain the screen wasn't left on.

    I know the simple solution is to just unplug it fully, but just curious as to what happened and if anybody has had this issue?
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    The only thing I can think off is that the phone stayed in USB mode and while the screen was off, it stayed in "standby mode".

    Another thing I can think of is that the computer port is not powerful enough to charge the Pre (500mA, as opposed to 1A for it's adapter) more than a trickle charge and you had a false reading before you unplugged it.

    And third possibility, your connection (signal strength to WIFI or cell) was weak and the phone spent the night trying to connect.

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