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    I bought the navigation software Ndrive USA and Ndrive Mexico, both working fine some time but I had been some issues with the license, so I removed and try to Install again but I got this message from Appcatalog.

    "The application is not currently available. Please try again later."

    I sent a email to Ndrive support and they say:

    "Unfortunately our applications are no longer available for sale and installation in Appcatalog"

    How I can re-installl the software if not longer available from Appcatalog?

    We lost the money that we paid for this software?
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    I just let them have it on fb! I have had problem after problem with this app. this is just the latest! .it worked great in the beginning then i had to run it in airplane mode and now i have nothing! too bad because it is/was a great app
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    See my post here with the explanation they emailed to us beta testers.

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