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    My Pre2's sound was very loud in speaker phone mode. Suddenly its gone very low, if I switch it back and forth between speaker phone and handset mode in call, some times it again goes loud.

    I don't know if its related but I also feel sound during music playback has also reduced, not sure about it.

    Help needed.
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    Please Guys Help Needed
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    First, I'd say reboot it (full shut down, take battery out and back in and on again after a minute or so).

    Second, there's threads about a fault if you use the headset jack, where the connector gets stuck and leaves the phone thinking that there's a headset plugged in, so you have to play with it a few times and hope to get it back (I tend to only use a Bluetooth headset to prevent having to deal with plugs and wires). A quick search should get you to those threads.

    Third, try using a stereo Bluetooth device, check how the sound is, then switch it back.

    Questions would be... do you have any apps that might have caused this?

    There is a possibility that it's hardware related, and that would require repairs.
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    Did you over look the sounds & Ringtones master volume level

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    I haven't overlooked the master volume control option, its been set to maximum.

    I haven't installed many apps. May be 3 to 4, that too pretty basic.
    I operated Pre2 while on touchstone, speaker phone, and after that its volume went down.
    I would try your suggestions of turning off phone completely and audio jack insertion/removal.

    If its a hardware fault, I am in India so I can't get a repair. I would have to do it myself.

    Thanks guys.
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    Good luck and let us know if you can resolve it.

    You didn't mention if the volume is fine with bluetooth or regular (plugged in) earphones... I would recommend that you try to see what does and what doesn't work.

    But so many times, a simple reboot can fix many things... both my Pre2 and Touchpad hit a quirk once in a while (maybe 2-3 times since I've had them , about a year for my Pre2 and a few months for the Touchpad), and every time, a reboot resolves things.
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    I have recurring ear infection, so can't put anything in my ears. Scared.

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