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    Thread name says it all. I have a Sprintified pre 2 with 2.2.4. Installed Sprint navigation with no problems. But I can not get sprint TV to be fully operational. Program loads fine and shows all the channels/shows. When I click on a show to play it acts like it is going to play but never does. Screen shifts to landscape mode, spinner may spin for just a second or so, title comes up at bottom of screen and that is where it sits with the Sprint background logo screen showing. Has anyone gotten this working with 2.2.4. I think I read that people have it working with 2.1.0. Everything else about the phone works fine
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    I get what you get. Hadn't checked in quite a while, so I'd assumed I had it working, but I guess not.
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    It works for sure on 2.1, went back to 2.1 before I did it so I don't know. But really except for the youtube app being about ten times better, I don't see any reason to stay with 2.4

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