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    I have a Pre 2/Verizon. I had to reset my email/contacts again because we moved to a hosted Exchange solution for a server one.

    All was okay then I just notice yesterday that for one of my favorite, his name isn't showing correctly. The name showing was someone else, e.g., John Smith, but the pictures was correct otherwise I might not have caught it.

    I went under contact and noticed that "John Smith" got linked somehow. I corrected the contact info and unlinked "John Smith", but "John Smith" name continues to show under Messages. Again the picture is correct.

    How can I correct the name showing in the Message window? Is there a way. Technically I could live with this and just make the mental translation that when I see "John Smith" it's really "Billy Bob"

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    The Message App doesn't update the name on the *general view*, it does however show the correct name inside the message thread (that's the way it works for me anyway)
    What you have to do is delete the thread (delete the Jhon Smith) and star a new one. Then It will show the correct name
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    Something is wrong with my phone. I'm seeing multiple contact being put under another contact. It's like they are getting linked automatically??? Has anyone seen this?

    Any way when I delete these spurious linked contacted I think that the contact information is then getting deleted from my address book. I know this may sound crazy.

    How do you UNLINK a contact? Also, any idea why this is happening on my Pre2? My wife has one and hers is perfect,

    Thanks for any comments or suggestions!

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