I have a georestricted App Calalog and even worst now it's not even working, plus DummyMaker doesn't work anymore and Impostah install returns an error .
So I was looking for ESPN Scorecenter's ".ipk" (you know the file you download to install an app ), so all I got was the palm webpage about the app, but now it gave me the option of sending an email (before it was by sms) and I got this:


Which send me to the App Catalog and this time it worked! It showed me the app and I was able to install it.

So now all you have to do is:
1. find the App ID here or using the Impostah "Show Available Apps" feature
2. replace the "com.espn.app.scorecenter" from the link above with the ID in a Memo in your Palm
3. and click on it.
For me it worked on most of them (as long as they're free apps)

On the other hand this page has 245 .ipk apps and even if it is an old version like Foursquare 1.5.0 I use DummyMaker just for the "Launch Update" feature, so the App Catalog lokks for the update quickly right away.

If only I could find the Flixster .ipk...