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    Hi all. I've been really enjoying my Pre 2 until recently. In the last two weeks, I'll lose data connection randomly. If I reboot the phone, it comes back half the time. I can tell I don't have data because the "EV" symbol is gone and the net doesn't work. However, no issues with WiFi. Is this a hardware issue or is Sprint catching on? I remember seeing a topic on this before, but I can't find it. Any help would be great.

    Thank you.

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    Can no one help me..? :<

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    Well we all know updating your PRE isn't easy and I sometimes run into the same problems your facing...but I believe its sprint itself is the low signal culprit...I have alot of friends in my area that are having problems with sprint and there running all kinds of devices

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    While its possible there is a hardware issue here, I've also been seeing a lot of sprint data issues on various models of phones, at least on the east coast, especially recently. I blame it on the influx of iPhone users faster than 3G network capacity can keep up (every tower can only hold so many connections at once). That, and sprint is actively trying to build their new LTE network infrastructure which could certainly be causing glitches and interruptions.

    1 thing you can try for starters though..., install a "roam only" patch from preware that lets you force your phone to roam on Verizon. Make sure you also have data roaming enabled on the phone preferences and see if you have any luck by switching over whenever sprint drops out. Or just try turining roam-only on and then back off after 15 sec and see if it forces a reconnect to sprint data.

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