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    ĦI'm stuck in activation screen!
    My email and password are fine (I checked on so it starts to download all data and then at about 60% it gets stuck.

    I've been on this forum for 11 hours now (I'm serious), meanwhile I chated with Palm support for about 3 hours (they don't have a clue and they're going to submit my case, bla bla bla)

    - I waited overnight and it failed, .
    - I already Doctored my phone, did it again and waited for 90 minutes and it was still stucked
    - I did Erase App and Data a few times also.
    - This Hangs at Restoring DataThread didn't help and there's a link to another than later one comes back to the first one
    * This was usefull for using WiFi at setup only
    * This Impostah article comes up a lot BUT I don't care about App Catalog at this point.

    After I got stuck I tried #*DEVMODE# so I got into the phone, the apps were missing, the messages were from October 2011 and I had only 1379 contacts (I used to have over 1700).
    Did another try with WiFi and it failed, this time I had less contacts 1319

    I don't know what else to do
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    By the way I'm on this mess because my phone told me something like "app memory is full and need to reboot".
    Then it asked me to log in

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