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    Hi, my beloved Pre2 is getting worst and worst every day. This start happening about 3-4 months ago. The issues I'm having are:

    - Slowness. Is painfully slow, system restart hepls for a while but is frustating
    - Destination not authorized. At least once per day I get a call rejected with this error
    - Answering calls. At least 2 or 3 incoming calls cannot be answered for what it seems like a system hang or temporary block.
    - Responsiveness. I need to turn down and up the screen in order to be able to slide an open app or minimize it... the white line is unresponsive from time to time.
    - Ghost Cards. From time to time a web card gets stuck in the middle of other cards, I have to wait for a while in order to reclaim the card again but sometimes I need to restart all over the device.
    - Dying ecosystem. This is not new.. but is pretty painfull.

    I was wondering, is just me or is happening to other people too?. What is causing this? system logs? corrupted filesystem?

    thanks for any input, I haven't doctored yet but it seems that is the only option available...

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    do you have homebrew patches installed? That's most likely the issue. You should look into several of the homebrew patches or apps to help with the sluggishness of the OS . Uberkernel being the first even if you don't overclock the phone uberkernel helps stop the sluggishness.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Doctor the phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    You should look into several of the homebrew patches to help with the sluggishness of the OS . .
    System Control Optimization patch is one
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    Which firmware version are you on?

    If it's 2.2.4 try moving back a notch... Or if it's an early version, move forward.

    Might just resolve some patch/app conflicts.
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    i had a lot of trouble with slugginess cause of defunct Synergy Messaging Plugins, which put several accounts (ICQ/yahoo...) into my messaging AND Contacts which constantly tried to sync/match contacts it could not do cause the plugins where out of date.
    Had to remove patch and manually unlink contacts and deleted the icq/yahoo only Contacts.

    Found out by looking in Lumberjack and found errors for account matching
    keyInfo ++Hcp0CtqyVMUrUP request for com.palm.service.accounts
    [2012-05-04 15:40:14] (accounts.jsjsjs) $user$.$err$: [$com$.$palm$.$service$.$accounts$
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    I use the app Preset Reset. You can schedule a specific time for your phone to reboot daily. That will fix several issues like slowness. My is set for 3am everyday.
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    Thanks for all your answers. I' ll give them a try.

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