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    Hello there,
    lately my G/F Pre2 acting weird and she stopped using it, all of a sudden
    people on the other end of the call can't hear her talking (front or back speakers) so i turned it off, got the battery out and in
    and it's ok but hours later it happened again so now it's a paper wight.
    For a while it worked perfectly.

    Please advice...

    I don't know if it's related but when i run the system self test it gives me a modem error,
    but it was like that when i got it and again, worked perfectly for a while.
    and also
    I can't get the speed dial to work - i assign a letter to a contact's number and when i press and hold it
    it just types the letter, any ideas what am i'm doing wrong?
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    Had related issues a while back. Have you tried a system restart? If not, may help. Go to Device intro, reset options, choose the level of reset that you would like to try first. Remember to back up everything you think you can't lose. Good luck and use palm for help, as a last resort consider metadoctoring

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