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    I've had my Pre 2 now for a little over a year and I love it. It handles Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. without any problems.

    We are now moving to a hosted Exchange solution. When I enter the setting for the hosted exchange everythings looks normal like it's going to work. However, it doesn't. It seems to REMEMBER the IP address for the old Exchange server. I can see the old IP associate with the "new" account..

    I saw a post about clearing Cache, History, and Cookies thinking that might help, but it didn't. Somewhere in the Pre 2 it seems to remember the Old IP address and won't discard it.

    What's interesting is that when I'm creating the new hosted account (same EMAIL address), I give the account a new name, but when done the Pre shows the former account name (associated with the email). My guess is that somewhere in the pre system it's matching my email address and retrieving old data. I like to know where the data is hiding so I can delete it.

    I know that when I first tried to create an account BEFORE deleting the old one I got a message about a "duplicate" account. After I deleted the old Exchange account, I was able to create the new one, but some of the old Exchange settings are sticking around.

    Any ideas or comments. Will I need to erase everything or something? I hope not.
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    Make sure to remove the account using the Accounts app, not the email app.
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    Thanks for you reply. I saw an earlier message where they refer to the ACCOUNT.

    I thought I was doing that, but after I "heard" it again. I found the Account App. I sure am an *****.

    Everything is working beautifully again! I really like the WebOS and I'm really sorry that HP Dropped the ball on this.

    Now they're Idiots. But thanks again for your help. I must now help my wife clean house (for Mother's Day) -- DARN, but I will now be happier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenoyster View Post
    Make sure to remove the account using the Accounts app, not the email app.
    Thanks a lot - "greenoyster"

    My company moved over to an hosted server on "" and I went nuts trying to configure the same and was having the same problem as 'Newpreknox".

    I also assumed that if I deleted the email account all background info would get deleted "automatically". I am now wiser.

    Thanks a lot AGAIN.


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