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    Does anyone know if it is at all possible to build a meta-doctor with Sprint 1.4.5 and have it work on a Verizon franken pre2 on Sprint? Currently I am using meta-doctored 2.10 doctor from the pre scripts from the wiki. I really like a lot of the patches that are available for 1.4.5 such as all the app launcher patches and tweaks and having more icons per square inch of screen space, as well as several other patches. I am just wondering if anyone has tried this or know of particular reasons that it is not possible. I also tried a meta-doctored Version doctor and it gave token errors.
    And yes I know there are new things with the 2.x.x versions, but nothing overly exciting to me and my use.

    Pre 2 is nicer hardware than my Sprint pre. I would like to use it. I'm just not a huge fan of 2.x.....
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    Is it possible? I wouldn't be able to tell you for sure but I would assume the answer is no.

    No one has done it because it requires a lot more work that just cutting out the communication board section of the OS and replacing it with the communication board drivers, software, ect. from another OS. The parts remain the same so you don't actually need access to all the code to make the change, just know which blocks to move from A to B.

    To make a build of 1.4.5 on a Pre2 the majority of the code, that we don't have access to, would have to be changed to make it work with the newer specs. It's part of the reason why their aren't as many patches for the Pre2, HP didn't give access to the launcher.

    I miss several of my old patches as well, but our best hope is waiting for the Open WebOs release. I'm not sure if HP would push it to the Pre2 but it would allow someone to build their own update. Either way it would allow for an endless amount of customization.
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    the hardware between the pre- and Pre2 is actually fairly similar so I think it may be possible by simply modifying the carrier and device strings in one of the 1.4.5 based metadoctor scripts. That way the doctor may at least install to your phone so you can see how well it runs.

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