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    In an attempt to make my phone smooth as butter, last night I was fiddling around and installing patches to increase general system performance. Prior to that, these are the system performance patches/applications I had from preware:

    All the mojo patches
    Muffle System Logging
    System Control Optimization
    +various Device Menu/Top bar patches

    Last night I installed:
    Disk Cache Mod
    Ad Blocker (not performance, but who knows, maybe this is the culprit?)
    Hold Tap Context Menu
    AM-PM indicator in Top Bar

    The problem is that now my CPU won't throttle. It gets stuck at 1.2 GHz all the time. I know that previously, having WIFI on would cause this issue, but my WiFi is off and I'm still draining battery like a fat kid at a Coke factory. Last night it drained 40% on standby. Does anyone know if any of the apps is known to cause conflict when use with one another? My current plan of action is to delete the new apps one by one until I figure out what's causing the problem.

    Also, does anyone know the best combination of patches to create maximum smoothness?
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    Note that Disk Cache Mod caused choppy music for me.

    I remember having that problem once, but I think it went away somehow.

    Maybe the Up Threshold in Govnah is too low? (only in some governors)

    Strange, we have a similar install, +/- a few patches

    Mojo FPS booster uses more CPU IIRC.

    I don't really see any things that should cause problems.

    maybe get jstop and see if there's any awry processes?
    I have an exhibiton app that won't stop playing music (even when exhibition is off) unless manually killed or Luna restarted)
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    I doctored it and reinstalled everything, minus the mojo patches and with the ITSS patch instead. It's working just fine now.

    It seemed to completely randomly decided to bugger up. The mojo patches were supposed to work with Buttah or ITSS. Weird.

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