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    I am constantly wishing for a Push To Talk app available for the Palm Pre 2 that I have. Someone I was around last week was talking about getting an app that wasn't normally available on his type of phone. Does anyone know how I could do something like this to get something like Heytell or Voxer?
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    Indeed! I have been wishing for that kind of feature ever since I got my first pre! Hopefully that could be integrated into open webOS ! Make these pre2's and pre3's even more awesome!
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    People still use PTT ? *shock* I haven't seen a PTT phone since I moved out of the ghetto 7 years ago. Not trying to slag anyone who is using or wants to use PTT, but just stating.
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    whats push to talk? Is that like the nextel the things the kids used t annoy us with?
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    Yeah, basically (lol) a walkie talkie feature. I never actually used it but always thought it would have been convenient , yes it use to be Nextel feature. I guess it never was that convenient since no-one uses it. :-)

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    I have never ever ever seen anyone use that feature or knew they had a phone equipped with that feature.

    I tell a lie I think they used it one season on CSI Vegas when they still used flip phones.
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    it requires specific handsets from the carrier to work. Not sure they even offer it on any smartphones. It was already a dying fad when vzw spent zillions to add it to their voice network. I'm so glad it's a dead technology because it annoyed me more than people trying to use SIRI in public places...
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    There is an app called TalkBox which has this feature along with WhatsApp features (which I like).
    It's something like Voxer and WhatsApp.
    This app is available in iOS and Android and recently they announced that they will release it for other OS too.
    They already did release beta versions for WP and BBs, so they seem to be reliable in that.
    You can check their Facebook page, maybe sometime SOON they will release it for webOS.

    I'm not sure if the "walkie talkie" thing is really dead. Voxer is one of the most popular apps for other phones. I don't get the walkie talkie thing either, but push messaging is very nice.
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    If it's anything like a native IDEN Mike phone, I don't want it. Sound quality is horrible on those phones, and that network is supposed to be shut down next year.
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    Believe it or not, there are still people that use it. It has its place, but mostly I agree, it's just annoying.
    Sprint keeps trying to convert them to the CDMA PTT platform, but a larger percentage seem to be just leaving if you read the earnings reports. This last one was the first I recall saying how many subscribers converted to CDMA from IDEN, which was something I've been asking.
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    had PTT on my Sanyo flip phone years back on sprint....the thing I didn't like is people can just say things and your interrupted like in a bank line and someone says quote....what the F___ is going on....happened to me
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    It was all the rage among teens here in miami for a while. I remember sitting besides some teens in a burger king and it was all the noise and chaos one can take, especially with that sound it made.

    But wasn't it geared toward construction workers and such?
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    Yes, it was (is?) very popular in that industry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    But wasn't it geared toward construction workers and such?
    yes it was and may still be very popular there. But it was basically a walkie talkie. And i think construction sites liked it because constantly dialing a phone number to a guy standing on a roof to scream "5 MORE INCHES TO THE LEFT!" is a timesuck and a waste of money. They used them in warehouses too. But my friend that was a construction foreman used the feature a lot to talk to people at multiple construction sites. And he managed building highrises so he was having conversations between multiple floors and buildings.

    Me, i just want it to go because when they are gone Sprint can start doing their LTE rollout on that spectrum all the faster. And the added benefit is they say it may free up some 3G bandwidth which is very slow on sprint.
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    Loudtalks - push to talk for BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and PC Works on Windows PC and Linux via WINE, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone... Blackberry and Win Phone...

    Voxer Droid and iPhone... Droid, iPhone...

    Improve communications and reduce costs with Grapevine Push-to-Talk Windows Mobile, Droid, Blackberry...

    HeyTell ~ Instant Voice Messaging iPhone, Droid, Win Phone...

    Apparently it lives!!!

    Fortunately, it looks like webOS was spared.
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