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I've a Pre 2 (2.2.4) with Preware. I can connect to the Wifi for my apartment complex which is about 40 yards away with 2 exterior walls between and get 3-4 bars. When I use Freetether and Wifi tether to my laptop I get a solid 5 bars with the phone in the same room. It drops to 4 bars if the phone and laptop are at opposite ends of the apartment with 2 interior walls between and maybe 30 feet separation.

Possibly a hardware problem?
Looks like it. Preplus gets strong signal, even out at my mailbox , but with Pre2 I gotta sit next to modem.Thanks tho... it all happened when I installed preware etc & thought i screwed somthn up. Did run the system quick test and it says "code 25 wifi issue, contact Palm" but if i sit next to the modem (with all bars) and run the quick test, it says everythings good w a big blue check? A few others in forums havin same issue but no answers. Oh well, a couple people said to try the WebOs doc.