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    I have a factory unlocked pre 2 and I cant get mms set up. I've talked to tmobile 3 times, there useless. Ive entered the info I found online and still nothing. any help? thanks for any info.

    -Matthew Mers
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    I have my Pre2 on Tmobile with no data. I do text but have never sent a mms. Sorry. Just replying to let you know you are there.
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    Is this US T-Mobile or UK? Did you try get MMS settings in the SIM card toolkit in the system card of the launcher?
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    It worked fine for me, using the default settings.
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    For me I never got results when I tried monkeying around in the settings and it kind of worked with the automatic settings. The pictures would always come in low res to the point where I could not make out the details. When I went to the veer mms just worked.
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    Thanks everyone for responding. I checked the toolkit but it had no info in it period.
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    I tried T-MO but the moved to Straight talk...cheaper and faster! If you're not in contract try it out


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