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    Pre 2 screen blinks on and off rapidly when using the phone. It prevents me from answering a call or doing anything else. It doesn't do it everytime, but it happens often. Any tricks to get this to stop?
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    My screen turns off sometimes while I am on a call or when I am getting my messages, so I use the physical keyboard. I have never had a problem with answering a call though. Do you have any patches on it that might be conflicting? Or maybe get the patch that lets you answer by sliding the phone open. I don't remember the name of the patch, but maybe just browse through the Pre2 patches to find it.

    Hope that helps or maybe someone else can come up with a better suggestion.
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    Sounds like proximity sensor. First two steps, clean screen, if you have a screen protector it can also cause this issue.

    If it keep doing it, do the proximity sensor test.
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