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    I haven't been able to enter 'developer mode' on a Palm Pre. I'm trying to recover some deleted text messages and just can't seem to make it work. The PRE is an older one that is no longer activated with the carrier.

    I am able to connect it to a computer. It connects to Active Sync (most of the time, I think the USB connection is bad on the PRE). I installed WebOS QuickInstall and Novacom. It is now at the point where I need to enter DEV MODE, but I don't understand what 'Card View' is or how to get there. Or maybe I need to use the Phone code #*DEVMODE# - when I try this it tries to activate the phone...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    It is a PALM t850eww - at least that is what it says under the battery. Not sure exactly which 'PRE' model this is...
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    It's not a pre, that's why
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    Thank you!

    I guess I got so busy trying to get into the phone, I lost track of what I was working on. Time to move on. :-)

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