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    I'm looking for PC suite to connect my Palm Pre 2 to my PC and sync/backup contacts, update firmware, files, etc
    and my OS version is 2.1.0

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    there is no PC suite or like that for webOS phones, to sync ur contacts u can apply patch -
    send all contacts via email .-this u can find in preware

    1.after patching go to ur contacts and email all the contacts to ur any email id the contacts file from ur email on ur PC ,and then import all contacts to ur gmail
    3.sync ur phone with gmail..all the contacts will appear.


    In the phone app, dial "#*66623#" (without the quotes) and press the dial button.
    A new card will appear.
    Tap the green "CelleBrite Export" button.
    Aftwards, copy this file from the USB portion: L:\.temp\PmMigration.vcf
    (where L is your Pre2 USB drive letter)

    This seems to get an entire VCF dump of the contact list, without using the patch
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    webOS doesn't really work that way. You don't need special software to do that sort of thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackotto View Post
    They've yanked support and no longer offer this solution to new users:

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    Companion Link is an alternative... it has a hefty price tag @ $49.95 but it looks pretty good.

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    my app catalog is not working after updation of my webos version
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shubham Jain5 View Post
    my app catalog is not working after updation of my webos version
    We're gonna need more that that. Also, you should've started a new thread about this.
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    Either a spammer (yes they seemingly got smarter), or it's the Cert issue after doctoring.
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