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    I'm creating this new thread as a sort of continuation from this one: on account of it veering off topic.

    So I've been playing with my new (used) Pre 2 for the past few days, patching it up and all, when I noticed that my notification light wasn't blinking for notifications. Then I noticed it wasn't blinking at all. Then I noticed that it had simply stopped turning on.

    I doctored it, and still no dice. No light. Ever.

    Something I noticed about it before the light went dead, however, may be of interest. The notification bar, I think, is made up of 3 lights. They blink smoothly from left to right or right to left when you swipe across the gesture area. When I had received my phone, I noticed that the light already looked awkward. Only the left and right lights were lighting, and there was a gap in between. I compared it to my old pre+, which didn't have a gap and had much smoother "swipe animations." Is it possible the notification light was already damaged? Has anyone else had this issue?

    The guy at Palm Support offered to fix my device for free, but I'd be device-less for a week or two.

    I was just curious to see if anyone else's notification light stopped working, and/or if they were able to fix it.

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    is it set below what would typically be the minimum brightness? (<<Never mind)
    and there are supposed to be 3 lights, and it looks they were actually damaged beforehand
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    Update: Today one of my lights started working again, spontaneously. The right one.

    I wonder if there is a way to fix this issue.
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    if the problem survives a triple-toggle restart, a doctor, etc:
    sending it in is probably your best option, also since its free. or you can just live with the faulty lights, (or try repairing it yourself, although not recommended)
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    So I decided to send it in for repairs. The lights are still buggy. Sometimes they work, sometimes one of them work (either the right or left one, the center light has never worked) and sometimes they don't work at all.

    Question is, should I delete all my patches and preware before sending it out? Will any homebrew apps or mods (aside from uberkernel) void my warranty?
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    Well, Apple won't touch it if the device is jailbroken, so I guess you should do the same. Such mods probably void the warranty. (im not sure though)

    might as well clear it out just in case
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