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    Hi All,

    I used to use Smartrunner on my pre 2 before the 2.2.4 update. Since 2.2.4 Smartrunner has not worked and now they have dropped support for Webos.... I cant seem to find a suitable relacement... I mainly want an app that will track my cycles rides and be able to keep the routes on the web.

    What is everybody else doing now Smartrunner is dead?

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    There were a bunch of reviews about these types of apps posted in February on the webosnation blog. You should check those out to get good info on your inquiry.
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    you could try FitTrack. they didn't review it for some reason, but i like it. although i'll admit i haven't done much exercising in i haven't tried it since moving my vzw pre2 to 224. it launches fine i don't see why it wouldn't work. i don't think it "stores" routes anywhere online. it tracks you with a map you can view and it gives you options to upload to various places like facebook or twitter but it doesn't store it anywhere besides your phone i believe. it is compatible with save/restore though which is nice.

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