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    So I've had my FrankenPre 2 for about 6-7 months & not any real issues until yesterday I started having data connection issues. The phone worked fine but just would drop access to data and nothing I could try would restore it except wait, and I tried all sorts of resets and settings adjustments. Happened 3 times yesterday & 2 times today with no apparent reason or while doing a certain function or task or app, nor in the same location which have not been problem coverage areas ever before...

    anyone else come across this or have any suggestions for a solution or fix... ?

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    Ironically when I clicked this thread, my browser was unable to connect to the page (PC though not phone).

    Have you made any recent changes to the phone? When you say resets, I assume you mean device restarts (and that other one in phone settings I can't remember)? I have had data not work on my Pre a couple of times, but both seemed to be carrier network problems and went away on their own. My Pre2 doesn't have data service, it's on T-Mo prepaid, but I have had strange things happen on days I bought a data day pass and turned airplane mode on for a while and then back off.
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    sounds like your carrier was having an outage

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