I'm using palm pre 2 with webos 2.1 now, it is unlocked emea phone. With the s/n I'm downloading the right jre webos doctor and starting it. I'm putting the phone in usb mode and starting the update, but after a few seconds device is showing that it is disconnected. I think there is some problem with the novacom driver. I tried on 2 laptops with windows 7 and another pc with win xp. preinstalled the novacom driver more that 10 times, aways happens the same when I connect the device after the first install- like described. After reconnect windows is not showing that usb has any connection. I tried to put the phone in usb mode with the key combination, but it is showing only charging. I tried with the original power and data cables, another usb from samsung phone, and bought 4th cable ..... aways the same. Anybody has similar troubles? I think the novacom drive has bug or ....?