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    Hope this question isn't too stupid but for the life of me I can't remember much about my FrankenPre's - aka Pre2 - power voltage requirements for charging. Here's the question -

    Live in the U.S. but am traveling to Europe next month (the Czech Republic/Prague) - and wanted to bring my Pre2/FrankenPre along with me and use it in Airplane Mode occasionally.

    I have a European socket/plug adapter -

    But here in the U.S. we run on 110 volts while in Europe it's between 220-240 -


    In other words - can I plug (using a European plug adapter) directly into Czech plugs for recharging - and have it work?

    APPRECIATE all answers!


    Miguel Tejada-Flores
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    Look carefully at your charger. In that tiny lil print it probably says Input 110-240v. Most do. The output to your phone will be correct. Its not the pre2 that adapts, its the charger. You are probably ok as long as its any of palms wall warts. Read the fine print carefully.
    Jim Altman
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