""Needed things

* a computer with linux installed
* an active internet connection
* your device
* the webos doctor corresponding to your device (see WebOS Internals' wiki)
* novacom, and just novacom!(at the bottom of the page)

The following three steps are the basic steps you need to use the fso-installer.

1. Create a "downloads" directory and put in there the webos version you have downloaded, something like webosxxxxx.jar .
2. In our working directory (not in "downloads/" !), download the fso-installer : ""

Soo webosxxxxx.jar is webos doctor? If everythink is right I have ERROR:

==> Step 2/9 : rebooting your device, please wait ...
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `downloads/webosdoctorp103ueuna-wr-2.1.0.jar', needed by `build/pre2-p103ueuna-wr-2.1.0'. Stop.
make: *** [install-all] Error 2

I don't have JAVA. Is that a problem? Any other ideas? Who I can Contact to?