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    I hope someone can lead me in the right direction...
    I have, sprint pre- activated and swapped comm board into ATT pre 2
    I get an activation error after I run metadoctor ./scripts/meta-sprint-franken-unlocked-pre2-2.2.4

    What am I doing wrong? can someone help me please, thanks
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    I should be a little more specific my phone completes the metadoctor and restarts. Activation Error comes up on the phone after I choose language
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    well i just notice on the pictures page of the how to it says to use this script...
    ./scripts/meta-sprint-franken-unlocked-pre2-2.1.0 script
    I tried it it did not work even though I git pull and make clobber.
    So now im activating my backup pre- and going to try to metadoctor the script above on it fresh. Hope it works out. Thought I was going to breeze through this thing, oh well. Any tips would be great.
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    Ok, So this time things went better. I got past the activation error but now im not able to sign in. Its says "sign in failed" I know I have a connection at my house bc I have airave. I even went driving around to get an EV connection but no dice. Im getting full bars though? I work by myself so im used to talking and figuring things out myself, but please someone throw me a bone
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    well I have tried everything I can think of and its getting late. Ill get up early tom and hopefully someone will have posted solutions for me. Ill have to switch to a dumb phone if I cant get this working. I really dont want to have to switch out the com board AGAIN
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    before you went to 2.1 did you delete your backups in 1.4.5? I remember having the same issues when I Frankenpred a pre plus. I am not sure if this is what my issue was or not.. But that's the Lil' chicken bone I can throw. I will be upgrading to pre 2 on sprint in a couple of days. If you don't have it by then, I will try to track my steps.

    one thing I can say(from my own exp.) make sure you follow every step on the wiki and read closely make sure you didn't overlook something.

    good luck
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    thanks dowdyrich, i did delete backups... Im starting to think I should have made this a weekend project the way this is going for me I know the steps are supposed to be straightforward and simple but I must be missing something
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    no luck this morning. Trying to activate my pre- now so I will have a phone today. I'll try to Franken again tonight.
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    well finally got it working. 2.2.4 is great. Now I can't text though! Anyone know how to fix that?
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    wow. It sure is getting lonely in here
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    It took me a while to get my Franken running. Have you rebooted? I'm trying to remember what problems/solutions I was facing. Keep reading and searching, and most of the answers are out there.
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    I just got home and found my (looks new to me) pre 2! Yayy!!! Thanks mattabee!

    Yeh I will be a weekend warrior with this project took me a few days with pre plus, so I feel your pain. Sorry I can't give input directly, but while I am working on mine,if I find something that might help I will post.

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    got it working. It ended up being my airave that wouldn't let me send texts. It also could have been the reason I wasn't able to sign into my profile. Guess I'll never know. Lovin the pre2 though. Hopefully it will keep entertained until someone finds out how to get webOS on new hardware.
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    Interesting that the airave was blocking you. I had no issues with mine, but I used a locked Verizon Pre 2 instead of an unlocked GSM Pre 2. I used the meta doctor script which got me upgraded to 2.2.4. I was able to text, call, receive texts and calls, and access the Internet. When calling, I could hear the tone to signal using the ariave.

    Maybe there's something else with the GSM phone's hardware that would block use of the airave?
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    it works now but initially it did not work. I ended up having to reset the airave

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