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    made an event and it doesnt show up so I restarted my pre 2 and when I checked it again the event was there and then I tried deleting it and it was still there untill I restarted my phone again I don't know what's up with it any help would be appreciated
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    I don't have an answer, but you're not alone. Google calendar on WebOs has confounded me since 1.4.0... It's glitchy, takes awhile to sync and makes you think it's broken. I have found that once you perform a change, it will sync (eventually). It's not very reassuring, as I would like to see immediate results.

    I have a Touchpad, as well as the Pre2, and I often go to the Google calendar site and enter important stuff... (isn't it all important?) It then syncs to both devices, if not immediately. Take Care

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